Paul Begue

Paul is an experienced AST Systems Designer specializing in aquaponic filtration systems.

Small Aquaponics System Parts List

 This video goes through the equipment I use to setup a small aquaponics system using a plant tower (for a smaller footprint). This will be a coupled system, where the nutrient water from the fish will run through the plant tower and back to the fish tank, forming a full recirculating loop. BBF XS … Continued

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Endurance Filtration Challenge: Filter Setup Timelapse

Timelapse of re-plumbing the Endurance filter for our hands off 1500 Gallon Koi Tank: Endurance Filtration Challenge. This filter plumbing will run the outflow of the Endurance filter through the UV and back into the fish tank. Before, the flow was split with only some going through the UV and the rest of the flow … Continued

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The School of Aquaponics Visits AST Filters

Brooklyn, from the School of Aquaponics, decided to visit us at AST. This video is a quick introduction to Brooklyn and his Youtube Channel, The School of Aquaponics. We ask him a few questions about his background and why he got into aquaponics. Stay tuned for a tour! See Paul picking Brooklyn up from the … Continued

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The School of Aquaponics Bubble Bead Filter Demo [Video]

Paul, an AST Systems Designer, went down to The School of Aquaponics and demonstrated the Bubble Bead Filter’s features and capabilities.  Here is what they had to say… “Wow! What an amazing filter and demonstration done by Paul from AST Filters! He flew all the way from New Orleans just to give you guys … Continued

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