Paul Begue

Paul is an experienced AST Systems Designer specializing in aquaponic filtration systems.

The School of Aquaponics Bubble Bead Filter Demo [Video]

Paul, an AST Systems Designer, went down to The School of Aquaponics and demonstrated the Bubble Bead Filter’s features and capabilities.  Here is what they had to say… “Wow! What an amazing filter and demonstration done by Paul from AST Filters! He flew all the way from New Orleans just to give you guys … Continued

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Koi Pond Filter Customer Story

Dear Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC: I have had a fish pond in the back of my studio for many years and I have raised Koi in the pond. I have always had a problem with the clarity of the water and it was always brown or green and I could not see the fish. Kenneth … Continued

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AST at Aquaculture America 2018

Aquaculture America 2018 February 19th – 22nd, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada AST will be attending Aquaculture America 2018, the national aquaculture conference and exposition put on by the World Aquaculture Society. It takes place on February 19th – 22nd at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. AST will be joining 200 other Aquaculture retailers as part of … Continued

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What is a Decoupled Aquaponics System?

In this type of system, the wastewater does not recirculate back to the fish. This is made possible by our sludge concentrating PolyGeyser® technology that releases dense nutrient-rich water to nourish your plants. The main benefit of a decoupled system is risk mitigation. Decoupled systems are lifesaving in the event of an issue with either … Continued

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What is a Recirculating Aquaponic Loop?

This is a closed loop where the water recirculates within the system. The water travels through the fish tank, filtration, plant component, and back to the fish tank in a continuous loop. This is the most common aquaponics methodology but comes with some risk. With a recirculating system your treatment options for sick fish or … Continued

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