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Bead Filter Applications

Aquaculture & Fish Hatchery Systems

Filters for recirculating aquaculture systems. Reliable clarification and biofiltration in a single, easy-to-use setup.

Lobster & Seafood Systems

Our recirculating filter systems will improve water quality, help reduce mortality, & reduce water chilling costs.

Live Bait Holding Systems

Holding live animals for fresh seafood or bait? Our robust filters can accommodate your business volume. We can size the tanks, filters, and necessary equipment for you.

Aquaponics Systems

Looking to grow plants and fish? Aquaponic filters and systems make keeping the fish easier, leaving you free to focus on the plants.

Koi Pond Systems

Want pristine water quality? Try our bead filter with a UV sterilizer. AST filters help maintain stable water quality by removing solids and promoting nitrifying bacteria.

Aquariums & Zoo Pond Systems

Large volume, high flow systems for animal ponds with high solids. Low maintenance sand filtration alternative that resists caking and channeling.