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Improve Water Clarity and Create a Thriving Environment for Your Koi Pond or Water Garden

Our filters are designed to be robust with easy and simple maintenance, perfect for koi hobbyists or landscape enthusiasts.

AST filter’s provide both mechanical filtration to remove solids from the water and biological filtration to break down those solids, delivering a seamless filtration process. Engineered for efficiency, AST filters run off of smaller pumps providing measurable energy savings every month.

Pairing an AST filter with a UV sterilizer will achieve optimal filtration and keep your pond clear from free floating algae. Our experts can help you determine the filtration needs for your setup.

Filter Specifications

Filter SeriesFlow Rate (gpm)Pounds of Fish SupportedFeed Rate (lbs/day)Max psiPond Volume (gallons)
Endurance Filters5-22.550-225.5-2.2510up to 3000
Bubble Bead Filters10-1506.25-250.08-7.8610-15up to 20,000
Polygeyser Filters DF-3 & DF-630-90150-25002-7105,400-10,800

“I can backwash my filter in a tuxedo.”

Jim Clingan, Bubble Bead Filter owner since 1995
Used for his home koi pond.

Koi & Home Pond Projects

Why Buy an AST Filter?

  • Tested technology – over 20 years of research and real-world application have proven bead filtration superiority
  • Energy savings – smaller pumps paired with efficient design
  • Low maintenance – backwashing is quick and doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty
  • Longevity – media never needs replacement and is resistant to clogging and channeling
  • Excellent biofiltration – media contains 400ft2 of surface area per cubic foot for the biological breakdown of nitrogenous waste
  • Superior clarification – studies show that our filters remove 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and 48% of particles in the 5-10 micron range per pass
  • Water conserving technology – our newest filters recycle their own backwash water, drastically reducing water loss!
  • One year warranty – if there is a defect in filter manufacturing AST will provide a warranty replacement for up to one year from the date of shipment

Let's Discuss Your Project

From a simple filter to a complete custom system, our engineers can help you find the perfect filtration system for your needs. Get in touch today!