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Propeller Bead® Filter

High volume, high flow filters with a motorized backwash.

Bubble Bead® Filter

Simple reliable filtration for systems up to 20,000 gallons.

PolyGeyser® Filter

Auto-backwashing filters with excellent biofiltration.

AST Endurance Filter

For small systems featuring auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

Low Profile PolyGeyser® Filter

Large volume, airlift or pump configurable filters with auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

AST FIT Systems

Integrated Filter-In-Tank systems, PolyGeyser® filter with auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

High Profile PolyGeyser® Filter

These filters feature automated backwashing and are capable of handling large volumes of water under pressure, while gently backwashing the media.

AST Skid Filtration Systems

Professionally designed and plumbed Plug-n-Play filtration systems mounted on a rugged fiberglass pallet. Small footprint with built in mobility.

Modified Decoupled Systems

Professionally designed filtration systems featuring easy setup. Great kit for aquaculture components and life support. Or use as a ‘Nutrient Generator’ for Aquaponics!

Seafood Holding Systems

Compact tiered holding system. Great for keeping Maine Lobster and other Live Seafood. Use in refrigerated rooms or pair with a water chiller.