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Propeller Bead® Filter

High volume, high flow filters with a motorized backwash.

Bubble Bead® Filter

Simple reliable filtration for systems up to 20,000 gallons.

PolyGeyser® Filter

Auto-backwashing filters with excellent biofiltration.

AST Endurance Filter

For small systems featuring auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

Low Profile PolyGeyser® Filter

Large volume, airlift or pump configurable filters with auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

AST FIT Systems

Integrated Filter-In-Tank systems, PolyGeyser® filter with auto-backwash and optional auto-purging sludge.

High Profile PolyGeyser® Filter

These filters feature automated backwashing and are capable of handling large volumes of water under pressure, while gently backwashing the media.

Curler Advance X-1 Media

Biological media for use in Moving Bed Bio Reactors featuring large active surface area that is easy to clean.

AST Skid Filtration Systems

Professionally designed and plumbed Plug-n-Play filtration systems mounted on a rugged fiberglass pallet. Small footprint with built in mobility.

Modified Decoupled Systems

Professionally designed filtration systems featuring easy setup. Great kit for aquaculture components and life support. Or use as a ‘Nutrient Generator’ for Aquaponics!

Seafood Holding Systems

Compact tiered holding system. Great for keeping Maine Lobster and other Live Seafood. Use in refrigerated rooms or pair with a water chiller.