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AST’s Mineralized Decoupled System With An Airlifted Design

Supercharge your Aquaponics garden with AST’s high tech, simple-to operate, nutrient fish engine! AST brings the science of commercial design to your home or school. Fish keeping has never been easier.


Features Include:

  • Hassle Free Fish Production – Keep more fish with ease while reducing rookie mistakes! With AST’s commercial-grade automatic backwashing technology, maintaining a clean and healthy fish environment has never been easier.
  • Decoupled Architecture – AST’s split design provides optimal environments for both fish and plant growth.
  • Higher Nutrient Yield – Nutrients are converted through a unique mineralization process allowing you to grow more plants with less fish feed.
  • Unlimited Growing Techniques – AST’s patent pending system design is compatible with a variety of growing methods including DWC, NFT, and grow towers for more produce options.
  • Energy Efficiency with Airlift Technology – Lower operating costs with substantial energy savings, the MDC can use the same amount of energy as 60 watt light bulb!
  • Quick Install – Our filtration system comes pre-plumbed and installation can take less than 30 minutes!

Filtration Technology for Aquaponics Gardening and Fish Tank Systems:

Understanding Decoupled Aquaponics

Coupled Aquaponics uses one recirculating loop in order to convert fish wastes to nutrients. Water goes from the fish tank through a filter and into the hydroponics area. From the plant area, the water is sent back to the fish tank to begin the cycle all over again. This cycle wastes energy and dilutes nutrients while increasing disease risks.

Decoupling uses two separate loops, one for the fish and one for the plants.This design moves only concentrated waste out of the fish system to maintain excellent conditions for the fish while allowing nutrients to be transferred to the hydroponic area. This is the route many commercial facilities take because a decoupled design maximizes production and minimizes risk to both fish and plants.

Decoupling is the next frontier in Aquaponics. Now you can give the very best care for your fish and your plants without compromise. With expanded treatment options for sick fish, pests, and plant disease; MDC aquaponics unlocks management choices other systems can’t provide.

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Learn More About the MDC System Below

MDC 1000 System

Small aquaculture system that functions as a ‘Nutrient Generator’ for aquaponics. Pair with hydroponics for a full system.

MDC 2000 System

Small aquaculture system that functions as a ‘Nutrient Generator’ for aquaponics. Pair with hydroponics for a full system.

MDC 4000 System

Larger aquaculture system that can be used as a stand alone fish culturing system, or for larger aquaponics systems.

HASSLE FREE FISH PRODUCTION with excellent aquaponics filtration: AST’s fish production system offers top of the line commercial grade filtration technology paired with an advanced mineralization technique. The Endurance 2000 and 4000 automatically backwash themselves while discharging sludge into a mineralization tank that concentrates the nutrients. With monthly maintenance consisting of sludge removal, adding water to tanks, and feeding the fish, the labor required of the operator is minimal.

DECOUPLED TECHNOLOGY expands your treatment options for both plants and fish: Optimal water quality for plants and fish are different. With the linkage between plant and fish systems in conventional aquaponics, neither plants nor fish can be held at their optimal qualities. With AST’s decoupled architecture, water conditions for fish and plants are independently controlled allowing for optimized growth environments for fish and plant production. In the event of sick fish or plant diseases, you can easily treat one without risking the health of the other. AST’s optimized design keeps biosecurity a priority.

HIGHER NUTRIENT YIELD with zero waste nutrient capture: The MDC’s high level mineralization process aerobically digests solid fish waste releasing untapped nutrients while reducing waste volumes. This increases nutrient utilization thereby reducing the expense of growing plants. Due to this advanced mineralization technique, the MDC can transfer nutrient rich water 30-50% more cost effectively than conventional aquaponic systems.

UNLIMITED GROWING TECHNIQUES with DIY friendly, customizable hydroponics: AST focuses on providing top of the line filtration, leaving you free to experiment with hydroponic options like grow towers, DWC, NFT, or Bato buckets. Unlike conventional systems, the MDC’s custom hydroponics feature gives the operator the ability to move nutrients into multiple mixing tanks prior to transferring them into different environments. This gives unparalleled flexibility while reducing risk to your fish and plants.

AIRLIFTED DESIGN for low energy costs: The MDC’s advanced airlifted architecture allows the system to be run off of a single air pump with no additional pumps necessary. Airlifting not only efficiently recirculates water through the filtration system but also aerates the water providing oxygen to your fish and plants. Overall, these systems consume a minimal amount of energy, ranging from 60 to 300 watts.

QUICK INSTALLATION for less stress and hassle: All MDC systems come professionally pre plumbed for a breezy installation. We hold our designs to the utmost standard, which has been tried and true for over 20 years. Rest assured your system is backed by what AST specializes in first and foremost… science.

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Let's Discuss Your Project

From a simple filter to a complete custom system, our engineers can help you find the perfect filtration system for your needs. Get in touch today!