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INCUBRAS RAS Hatchery Systems

Groundbreaking RAS Hatchery Systems by:


Jointly developed by MAP and AST, the INCUBRAS innovative & patented recirculation aquaculture system serves as a crucial part of our “bio-corridors” approach. Each cohort of collected eggs is disinfected, creating a “firewall” strategy for preventing vertical transmission of disease.


INCUBRAS are built for easy and resilient operations. They are collapsible and modular which allows easy relocation and phased growth.


The INCUBRAS supports a dozen 6.9-liter McDonnel Jars in a closed recirculating format with a total system volume of 220 gallons.

The unit is supported by a 3 cubic foot patented Bubble Bead® bio clarifier that provides both solids capture and biofiltration.

A low energy 1/8 horsepower Iron Might centrifugal pump circulates up to thirty gallons per minute through a 40 Watt UV disinfecting the system water every 8 minutes.

Excess water flows into a constant head system that maintains a fixed head to all hatching jars irrespective of individual jar settings.

Fry are discharged into 4-gallon removable polyethylene totes for the yolk sac absorption stage. The slotted tote outflows are height adjustable to reduce tote weight for fry removal.

The system is designed for a water reuse rate of about 1 month under heavy loading with a backwash interval of once a week.


  • Low Energy
  • Low Water Loss
  • Air Operated
  • UV disinfection
  • AST PATENTED beadfilter
  • Automatic backwash
  • Removable absorption tanks
  • Heating system
  • Flow stabilization system
  • Energy efficient
  • Independent and biosecure
  • Modular and scalable
  • Aluminum frame
  • Made in the USA

Key Facts

  • Low energy 1/8 hp
  • Fully automated operation
  • No moving parts for greater reliability

Easy to Operate

  • Suitable for air lift or pump configuration
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional auto-purging sludge concentrator


  • Mechanical and biological filtration in one unit
  • No media replacement necessary
  • Auto-pneumatic backwash


  • Dimensions: 62”X112”X70” (157x284x177 cm)
  • Filter Model: BBF-XS6000 (3 ft3)
  • Pump Model: Iron Might (1/8 hp)
  • UV Disinfection: AST-40W (40 Watt)
  • System Flow Rate: 30 GPM
  • McDonald Hatching Jar: 6.9 L (Qty 12)
  • Eggs production capacity: 500k – 1M eggs per week
  • Fry Catch Basins: 4-Gal Polyethylene Totes
  • Bulk Water Volume Sump: 110-Gal Polyethylene Tank
  • Total System Volume (Total): 220 Gal