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PolyGeyser® Filters

Our collection of PolyGeyser filters offer automated pneumatic backwash and superior biofiltration making them both easy-to-use and effective for water filtration.

Bubble Bead® Filters

Our classic Bubble Bead Filters offer robust, efficient, and dependable water filtration.

Propeller Bead® Filter

 These filters are easy to clean, easily automated, compact and very energy efficient. Designed for high flow and highly loaded systems.

AST FIT Systems (Filter-in-Tank)

Our FIT systems are integrated units that consist of a tank and built-in filter. No plumbing or setup needed!

System Components

AST offers a variety of products to complete your setup. We can provide tanks, pumps, air blowers, UV sterilizers, controllers, heaters, chillers, replacement parts, and more.