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Commercial Aquarium Filters & Zoo Exhibit Applications

Get a Robust Filter System with Low Maintenance

AST filters are an excellent, low maintenance alternative to traditional sand filters.

Our robust filters are designed to keep your costs down and your animals healthy. They provide both biological and mechanical filtration in one easy-to-use unit. Install less equipment and take up less space while maintaining superior filtration results.

AST Filter Benefits:

  • Backwash water reclamation for minimal water loss
  • Energy efficient design with low head loss
  • Low maintenance, plus automation options save time and labor

AST filters contain a bed of floating beads designed to facilitate solids capture and biofiltration without caking and channeling. Our filtration systems are easily automated to backwash and drain sludge with no manual intervention.

Zoo and Aquarium Clients We Have Worked With:

National Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Houston Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Zoo Applications

Solids Capture Filtration For Animal Ponds & Enclosures

For larger zoo applications, AST recommends our Propeller Bead filters. These filters can process large volumes of water for animal ponds with high solids, perfect for large species enclosures. In applications where the filter is being used only as a clarifier (solids capture), the filter can be sized according to the maximum daily feed rate or you can choose a filter size that fits your specific system’s turnover.

For smaller systems with lower flow requirements, our Bubble Bead filters are a great fit. Bubble Beads have a gentler backwash and have been used successfully on a wide variety of pools for birds, mammals, and reptiles.

If your enclosure requires clear water for a display tank, our experienced filtration specialists can advise additional treatment processes such as UV sterilization, ozone, or sand filtration to increase your water clarity.

Aquarium Applications

All-In-One Biological & Mechanical Filtration for Small to Large Scale Tanks

AST filters are most commonly used as the primary biological and solids filtration component to an aquatic life support system. Specialized aquarium uses include backwash water reclamation, solids capture, and pre-filtration for sand filters. AST filters can be easily configured to work with pre-existing sand filtration devices to provide optimal clarity and minimize water loss.

Our PolyGeyser filters are designed to recycle their own backwash water, for unparalleled water savings. The water loss is 10% that of high rate fluidized sand filters. This efficiency makes it uniquely suitable for saltwater reclamation.

Engineering Design Assistance

We Can Design, Build, and Install a Specialized Filtration System for your Enclosure

Each filtration application poses different engineering challenges. Our team is experienced with designing filtration systems for new enclosure builds or we can help with designing a filtration system to work effectively with an existing enclosure.

Get in touch to learn more about how AST can help with your project. Call today 800.939.3659.

Backwash OperationSmall System FiltrationLarge System Filtration
Automated BackwashAST Endurance FilterHigh Pressure PolyGeyser Filter
Manual Backwash
(automated controller upgrades are available)
Bubble Bead FilterPropeller Bead Filter

Aquariums and Zoos Projects

Why Buy an AST Filter?

  • Tested technology – over 20 years of research and real-world application have proven bead filtration superiority
  • Energy savings – smaller pumps paired with efficient design
  • Low maintenance – backwashing is quick and doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty
  • Longevity – media never needs replacement and is resistant to clogging and channeling
  • Excellent biofiltration – media contains 400ft2 of surface area per cubic foot for the biological breakdown of nitrogenous waste
  • Superior clarification – studies show that our filters remove 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and 48% of particles in the 5-10 micron range per pass
  • Water conserving technology – our newest filters recycle their own backwash water, drastically reducing water loss!
  • One year warranty – if there is a defect in filter manufacturing, AST will provide a warranty replacement for up to one year from the date of shipment – extended Warranties are available for zoo and aquarium contracts

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