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Get Solids Removal & Biological Filtration in One Unit

No matter your specifications, we have the perfect filter solution for your recirculating aquaculture system.

Our filters are designed to be robust and reliable, with few moving parts. They also operate at low pressure to allow the use of low to medium head pumps for energy savings. Experience reduced maintenance, minimal water loss, and improved filtration.

High Density Fish Keeping Made Easy

Our filters easily handle high waste loads without caking or channeling and are designed with few moving parts, making maintenance easy and infrequent. We also offer self-automated filters (FIT System, Polygeyser, Airlift, and Endurance) and controller systems to make routine maintenance more automated.

Large aquaculture facility utilizing multiple Propeller Bead Filters.

Red drum broodstock facility utilizing a PolyGeyser filter.

AST Filters Are Known For Reliability

Our filters are used in a wide variety of high-demand environments all around the world: from zoos and aquariums to large fish farms. AST is committed to continually researching and innovating filter technology and tackling the many challenges of fish keeping.

When you buy from AST, you get a quality USA manufactured and tested product with real technical support from our team of filtration experts.

Are You Planning a Large Facility or Complex Aquaculture Project?

Our engineering team can help conceptualize, design, and create a complete custom system that is tailored to your specific needs. From design to installation, the engineers at AST are ready to apply over 20 years of biofiltration experience to your large scale operation.

Find out today how we can build an aquaculture filter system that works for you!

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“[AST] Filters are simple, but very effective. They don’t have a lot of components, [but] handle solids and biofiltration very well.”


Justin Yost, Fisheries Biologist, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Used on broodstock tanks for replenishing natural waterways.

Small-scale Home Aquaculture Project? We Can Help

Whether you are operating out of a garage or a backyard greenhouse, AST filters are great for home aquaculture operations. We have a wide variety of filters that can handle varying fish loads.

For systems that need a standalone filter, we recommend the AST Endurance™ Filter (pictured right). It is an advancement of our patented PolyGeyser® technology which features automatic backwash, a small footprint, and superior mechanical and biofiltration.

If you are in need of a complete plug-and-play system with both the filter and tank in one unit, check out the AST FIT System. FIT (or Filter-in-Tank) systems are great for hobbyists getting started with aquaculture or replacing an existing system.

Small-scale, home tilapia project utilizing the AST Endurance filter configured for airlift operation.

Aquaculture Projects

Why Buy an AST Bead Filter?


  • Tested technology – over 20 years of research and real-world application have proven bead filtration superiority
  • Energy savings – smaller pumps paired with efficient design
  • Low maintenance – backwashing is quick and doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty
  • Longevity – media never needs replacement and is resistant to clogging and channeling
  • Excellent biofiltration – media contains 400ft2 of surface area per cubic foot for the biological breakdown of nitrogenous waste
  • Superior clarification – studies show that our filters remove 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and 48% of particles in the 5-10 micron range per pass
  • Water conserving technology – our newest filters recycle their own backwash water, drastically reducing water loss!
  • One year warranty – if there is a defect in filter manufacturing AST will provide a warranty replacement for up to one year from the date of shipment

Let's Discuss Your Project

From a simple filter to a complete custom system, our engineers can help you find the perfect filtration system for your needs. Get in touch today!