Featured here, our AST Systems Designer Paul Begue, and one of our distributors, Ken Rust, whose company is Small Scale Aquaponics, traveled to Hartford, CT for the 2018 Aquaponics Association Conference, where they were able to share their industry expertise and learn from international industry partners about their applications for aquaponics.

The conference demographic ranged from philanthropy groups from Africa, correctional facilities creating inmate training programs, high schools and colleges supplementing cafeteria foods, commercial growers, and even some at-home hobbyists!

Paul’s talk addressed the benefits of decoupling small at-home or community sized aquaponic systems, the gravity feed configuration on the Endurance filter, and highlighted the potential efficiencies of decoupled systems. These benefits include lower feeding rates, increased nutrient utilization, and control over both culture loops in order to easily maintain homeostatic conditions in both.

In the photos you will see the Endurance 2000 filter. Paul says “The talk went great! I am excited for the future of the aquaponic industry and with the impressive conference attendance, the interest is sure to keep growing. I am also eager to see the Bead Filters in more applications as they play a crucial role in the success of commercial growers, while also being accessible and easy to operate for beginners. I hope to continue my work in the aquaponics industry, involvement in the Aquaponics Association, and provide expert advice in Recirculating Aquaculture System techniques using the AST Bead Filter.”

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