Elizabeth Graham

All About Bead Media

Part 1: Standard Bead Media vs. Enhanced Nitrification Media This video covers the two types of bead filter media, standard bead media and enhanced nitrification bead media. Paul reviews the surface area, and the filtration capture of bead media. Studies have shown that our bead filters capture 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and … Continued

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Filter Acclimation

This article covers ‘fishless cycling’, a method to establish a tank’s biofilter using chemicals. Fishless cycling is recommended because it allows the fish to flourish and eat with stable water chemistry with as little stress as possible. The major drawback is that it takes several weeks to get a new system’s bacteria established before even … Continued

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Bubble Beads Now Available on Amazon: Filter Reviews

AST is offering small Bubble Bead filters for purchase on Amazon. This makes the filters easily accessible to everyone. With our videos on YouTube, customers have a much easier time setting up and operating their new filters. See what some of our customers have said about their filters ordered through Amazon: BBF XS 500 Reviews Nina … Continued

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