RAS Tech was a great conference, bringing together many professionals in aquaculture. Paul took some video footage, talking with some of the companies we do business with.  Go ahead and meet some of our favorite partners, check out the footage below:


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The major highlight of the conference was the keynote address given by Sylvia Wulf on AquaBounty Technologies on growing GMO salmon. AquaBounty’s AquAdvantage proprietary salmon is modified to contain genes from Chinook salmon and an eel-like creature called an ocean pout, which allows it to grow on less food, twice as fast as normal Atlantic Salmon.

There are challenges in public perception of genetically modified animals and other food items. Only recently has the United states lifted its import ban that kept this technology from being used within the states. The AquAdvantage Salmon have been in development in Canada since the 1990s.The fast growth of these salmon makes it far more efficient to grow than their wild counterparts. By carefully controlling their environment, exposure to heavy metals or pollution can be lower than wild fish. These new salmon can be grown locally, making for very fresh seafood, even far inland. Their exceptional growth will allow for less energy consumption and less feed, making them a viable economic choice as well.

Paul Begue says, “I’m eager to hear how the AquaBounty venture is going to work out because of the wide ranging implications for the aquaculture industry and controlled environment agriculture worldwide. The conference was a confluence of industry experts from around the world who are up to the task of feeding the growing population.”