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Propeller Bead Filter Specifications



Standard Propeller Filters for Biological and Mechanical Filtration

For applications requiring both solids removal (clarification) and biological water filtration. To calculate your bioclarification needs for your specific application such as koi ponds, or bait holding, consult our standard sizing table. If you need help, feel free to call.

Model (units)Media Volume (ft 3 )Bead Retention Screen Diameter (inches)Surface Area (ft 2 )Max Flow Rate (gpm)Max Pressure (psi)Backwash Water loss (US gal)FIPT Inlet/ Outlet (inches)Height/ Diameter of Unit (inches)Ship Weight (lbs)
PBF-3PE 1316120030105-101.5/263.25/33275
PBF-505036200003002050-1504/(2) X 4117/723250
PBF-100100484000060020100-2006/(2) X 6150/926000

PBF-3 PE is of rotomolded polyethyene. The pressure and flow is limited by its construction.

High Flow Propeller Filters for Mechanical Filtration and Limited Biofiltration

For high volume applications that require high solids removal and little biological filtration. If biofiltration is required, a moving bed bioreactor can be added for augmented biological filtration (MBBR Media and Design).

This high flow sizing is frequently used for Zoo Applications in large animal ponds and pools where solids removal is needed but biological is not required or lightly loaded aquarium systems requiring clarification.

ModelMedia Volume (ft3)Bead Retention Screen Diameter (in)Surface Area (ft2)Max Flow Rate (gpm)Max Pressure (psi)Backwash Water loss (US gal)FIPT Inlet/Outlet (inches)Height/ Diameter of Unit (inches)Ship Weight (lbs)
PBF-3F 1316120075205-102/273.25/32.75325
PBF-25S2536100003002030-604/(2) X 4107/591750
PBF-50S5048200006002050-1506/(2) X 6119.75/723350
PBF-100S1006040000120030200-30012/(2)x 10160/926450

Application Sizing

For information on recommended feed rates and bioloads for various applications, please consult the charts below. Enhanced media provides better biological filtration. Recommendations are for growout, fingerling, broodstock, fry, bait, oysters, lobsters, shrimp growout and koi ponds. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


Standard Propeller Bead Filter

Propeller Bead Filter Special (For High Flow or Clarifier applications)