In this type of system, the wastewater does not recirculate back to the fish. This is made possible by our sludge concentrating PolyGeyser® technology that releases dense nutrient-rich water to nourish your plants. The main benefit of a decoupled system is risk mitigation. Decoupled systems are lifesaving in the event of an issue with either the plants or the fish.

In a decoupled system, an operator has the freedom to treat the plants as needed for pest and disease with no harm to the fish because the water does not go back to the fish tank. Also, if the fish require treatment that makes the water bad for the plants, an operator can still choose to treat the fish, purge the contaminated waste and run the plant component hydroponically with fertilizer additions when needed. This gives a lot of freedom and allows an operator to provide top quality care for their fish.

A decoupled system can also be fine-tuned for the fish and plants alike. Plants prefer a lower pH than fish. In a decoupled loop, one can maintain the fish at a higher pH, and adjust the waste stream in the sump to match the ideal pH for the plants.


  • Highest efficiency configuration
  • Lowest water use
  • Less crop and animal risk
  • Compact design in a small footprint
  • Less plumbing
  • Predictable, consistent operation