NEW ORLEANS, May 4, 2016: AST is a world leader in mechanical filtration, biofiltration, and water clarification technologies. AST designs filters that are engineered to minimize maintenance, energy usage, and water loss. Recently they have launched the new AST Endurance™ filter as an advancement of their patented PolyGeyser technology. The Endurance filter was invented by Dr. Ron Malone as a more affordable option for koi and home pond enthusiasts.

Rick Malone, Managing Director of AST, expresses: “This new product line was engineered to offer unique solutions to common challenges koi pond owners experience. We know that nobody wants to manually backwash their filtration systems. It’s a messy, monotonous, time-consuming task. Our new Endurance filter will automate the entire process with an elegant level of efficiency.”

The expert engineers at AST continue to innovate and invent new products and technologies that will provide incredible value to a variety of industries and enthusiasts. The Endurance filter showcases a variety of improvements on the filter technologies you’re familiar with:

  • Automatic pneumatic backwash enables the filter to operate for extended periods of time without intervention, saving time and labor
  • Air-powered backwash eliminates the need for energy-demanding water pumps
  • Lowest water loss filter in the industry, less than 5% of traditional filters
  • Large sludge storage chamber that concentrates the sludge
  • Optional automatic sludge discharge making the filter virtually maintenance free
  • Small footprint and low profile design

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About Aquaculture Systems Technologies: AST is the beacon of efficiency in biofiltration and water clarification products. The company is the leading innovator of advanced bead filtration systems for koi ponds, fish hatcheries, zoos, aquariums, and more., 800.939.3659.

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Megan Mohr