Aquaponics Mineralization using Pneumatic Sludge Discharge: Part 1

Using our patented Polygeyser automatic backwashing technology with our new Endurance filter design, a special assembly called the pneumatic sludge discharge (PSD) can lift the previously backwashed solids up and out of the filter to breakdown in mineralization for Aquaponics. This Endurance PSD can also be used for aquaculture, to purge out solids preemptively for better water quality. Degassing is not needed with this system because the waste is broken down aerobically. This concentrated sludge removal makes the Endurance filter ideal for decoupled aquaponics.

Aquaponics Mineralization with Pneumatic Sludge Discharge: Part 2

The Endurance filter pneumatically purges concentrated sludge during each backwash. This sludge can be mineralized for aquaponics applications, or land applied as fertilizer. This video is a closer look at the sludge that is purged from a single backwash cycle.

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