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The self-automated backwash process requires no moving parts or electronics.

Under development for several years, the patented PolyGeyser® technology is capable of handling ammonia loads 50% – 100% higher than standard bead filters at a fraction of the water loss and head loss.

The innovative backwash process prevents caking and clogging – keeping your day-to-day operations moving along smoothly. The backwash is gentle, keeping the biofilm intact while allowing the system to operate for long periods of time with no maintenance.

PolyGeyser Benefits:

  • Automatic backwashing – these filters clean themselves
  • PolyGeyser has been tested and proven for over 20 years
  • Optional Airlift offers additional energy savings
  • Superior biological filtration with 1.5x Bubble Beads
  • The biofilm remains protected from frequent backwash cycles
  • Simple design has no moving parts to break
  • Water loss is reduced – only concentrated sludge is removed
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PolyGeyser Skid System

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Ultimate Bioclarifier Filter: No backwash water loss with Automatic PolyGeyser Backwash

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"We used the PolyGeyser as a bioclarifier for our red drum broodstock system and we found that the less you mess with the filter, the better the results. It was a powerful clarifier and biofilter in one unit."

Paul Picard, Chief Aquaculturist, Red Drum Broodfish Application with 8' Deep Tanks

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