Installation (Models DF-3 and DF-6):

In order for the filter to operate properly, it must be set up on a flat level surface. If the filter is not level, the air charge chamber may “short-circuit”, allowing air to escape from the charge chamber before a complete charge has been established, thus air will continuously burp up through the drop chute. If this occurs the trigger will not fire and the filter will not backwash. To correct this issue, simply level the filter.

The PolyGeyser® can be installed above or under the water level of the pond. The return to the pond also can be above or under water level. When the return will be installed under water level, air will enter the pond during the backwash procedure. When this air is not appreciated, you can install a T-piece with “standpipe” above the water level in the return pipe. The air will escape through this pipe during backwash. The standpipe can be situated before the pond or in the pond. In the figure we show a schematic drawing of this standpipe: