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High Profile PolyGeyser Installation Assembly

HPPG Major Components

AInletDirects flow into filter via the diffuser
BScreenPasses water while retaining the beads in the filter
COutletDirects the filtered water into the return linesMultiple outlets are generally used for airlift models to lower water velocity and hydraulic friction
DBead BedCaptures suspended solids while providing surface area for biological processes, such as nitrification, used to restore water to a pristine conditionThe beads float to form tightly packed granular bed ideal for physical and biological filtration. Beads are typically 2-3 mm in diameter
ECharge ChamberThe air tight cone defines the charge chamber while forming a conduit for water transmission into and out of the charge chamberIn this design series, the charge chamber is wrapped around the centralized conduit which re-suspends and aerates sludge during each backwash event
FAir InletSlowly fills the charge chamber with airAir is added at a slow rate so that it takes a few hours to fill the charge chamber
GTriggerCatastrophically releases air from the charge chamber once it is filled
HDiffuserRedirects the incoming water beneath the bead bedHydraulically designed to minimize turbulence that may erode the bed.
ISludge BasinProvides for temporary sludge storageThe sludge that is released from the bead bed during a backwash settles out of the cone and charge chamber that can be removed periodically as a thick sludge through the sludge outlet
JSludge OutletFacilitates the removal for thickened sludge from the unit.Sludge is typically concentrated to 10,000-20,000 mg/L in the HPPG series.
CapDirects flow from the screen to the Outlet pipe(s)The cap assembly also includes gaskets that seal the screen to the filter hull