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High Profile PolyGeyser Configuration Instructions

Airlifted Configuration

HPPG filters can be operated using an air pump for water circulation, eliminating the need for a separate water pump. This type of setup requires that the tank water height be 12-15 inches above the middle of top outlet. The filter may be buried to achieve this height differential. Airlifted operation reduces energy consumption, saving you money on operational costs.

Airlift works on the principle that rising bubbles expand, and this ‘lift’ can be used to move water. Air is injected near the bottom of the draft tube to create a low density air and water mixture that is pushed upward by the dense water in the siphon line. The elevated air and water mixture is then moved through the pipes to the tank.

Pumped Configuration

HPPG filters can be operated with a water pump for more flexibility. The height of the tank water level to filter is no longer a constraint.  AST recommends the use of a strainer basket to remove any large debris before the pump and filter to prevent damage. The use of a pressure relief valve is recommended to prevent over-pressurization of the filter hull. These filters have a max pressure of 20 psi.

HPPG filters require an air pump and air flowmeter to control the auto-pneumatic backwash that is the key feature of this product line.