The Bubble Bead® Filter is effective at removing unwanted solids, yet gentle enough to maintain a healthy bio-film. Please refer to the normal operation and backwashing diagrams below.

There are 9 models available with from 1/4 – 10 ft3 (0.007 – 0.283 m3) of bead media capacity with flow rates ranging from 10-150 gpm (0.00063 – 0.0095 m3/sec).


Backwash operation includes three primary modes (diagram below): filtration, backwash, and refilling. Backwashing is accomplished by completely draining all fluid from the unit. This causes the bead bed to collapse, and individual beads to be vigorously scrubbed by cavitation and bubbles as they are sucked downward through the washing throat. The backwashing process removes solids captured by the bead bed, but retains the beads with their delicate films of nitrifying bacteria.