No More Drum Screen Filter Cleaning

AST filters feature an incredibly easy, fast, and clean backwash function. Compared to the cumbersome cleaning process that can be required with a rotary drum filter, bead filters are painless.

Because the backwash process is so fast, bead filters also significantly reduce the downtime and maintenance time compared to equivalent drum filters.

Eliminate Redundancies

With an AST bead filter system, you can reduce the complexity of your filter solution and remove unnecessary or redundant components. A bead filter system can eliminate the need for moving bed bioreactors (MBBR) or other bio-filtration, as well as low head oxygenators that are often paired with a drum filter.

Add-on Clarification

If you already have a reliable drum filter solution, AST bead filters can also be a simple way to add additional and more thorough clarification and water polishing to your filtration process.

Unit Flow Rate Price Comparison

Compared to drum filters, a bead filter offers competitive pricing, often resulting in lower overall costs with equivalent flow rates.

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