Endurance Filter Koi Test Unit at AST Facility


This tank houses 92 koi fish of varying sizes and colors.

Here in our lab, we have this tank stocked at maximum capacity in order to test our filters to their limits. We do this for two reasons: (1) to ensure that they are always being recommended for proper applications, and (2) to continue improving our designs and expanding the applications of our products.

The 1500 gallon koi tank simulates an in ground koi pond with the shallower water depth than our other research tanks in order to keep the temperature around 60 degrees, which allows the koi digestion system to function the best- get too hot or too cold and this process will slow down dramatically, meaning the fish will produce less waste, leaving our filter bacteria hungry!

The tank is maintained by the Endurance 2000, specifically designed for optimal koi pond and aquaponic systems operation ranging from 200 gallons to 4000 gallons! The Endurance 2000 on this tank is designed to conduct biofiltration at a capacity of 28lbs of koi per 2000 gallon tank/pond (hence the name 2000), but we have more than TRIPLED this capacity in order to push this filter as hard as possible with over 100lbs of koi in the tank currently – all while keeping crystal clear water!

Prior to replumbing, this filter had gone 8 weeks without being touched – running backwashes and maintaining clear water all on it’s own. Just goes to show how easy these filters can be to operate!


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October 16, 2018