Why Switch to Bead Filters for Solids Removal?

Sand filters are often the default choice for solids removal in municipal and industrial filtration applications, but there are much better solutions available. While both industrial sand filters and floating bead filters are mechanical filters that use media to filter solids, the bead filter offers far more filtration benefits.

AST Bead Filter Advantages Over Industrial Sand Filters:

  • Simultaneous biofiltrationrather than requiring additional equipment, bead filters accomplish biofiltration at the same time as solids removal
  • Lower energy consumptionbead filters require a smaller pump for an equal flow rate, or can be gravity fed
  • Far superior water conservation bead filters concentrate sludge and result in far less water wasted during backflushing
  • Automatic backflushconstantly cleaning industrial sand filters results in unnecessary downtime, while bead filters complete an automatic backflush without interruption to water flow or treatment
  • No moving partsnothing to maintain or replace
  • Impervious to biofouling
  • No channeling or caking
  • Never replace media industrial sand filters require new media periodically, while bead filters continually re-use the floating plastic media forever

With an AST bead filter system you can reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and eliminate all of the headaches that come with a traditional sand filter system. Bead filters also reduce the complexity of your filter solution, while improving efficiency and saving money.

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