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Filter Systems for Lobster Distribution Centers

Reduce Mortality Rates

Our filter systems help improve the water quality of your existing holding systems, lowering stress factors known to contribute to lobster mortality rates. In many cases, the reduction in mortality rates can result in a positive ROI in less than 1 year; our systems pay for themselves and continue to perform flawlessly for years.

For example, a 100,000 pound holding facility conservatively distributes 2.6 million pounds of lobster annually. With a wholesale market price of Maine lobster of $8/lb, a reduction in mortality of just 0.5% would give the facility an annual cost savings of $104,000.

Reduce Chiller Energy Use

Our systems allow you to easily recycle water to reduce chiller demand, resulting in lower energy costs. Adding a treated re-circulation loop to a holding system allows you to avoid the need to chill fresh ocean water as temperatures rise in the warmer months.

Reduce Water Consumption

Operation of a traditional treatment system can result in a large volume of water loss, which can be especially costly if your facility is not on the coast. An AST filter consumes 90-99% less water than a traditional sand filter, reducing water costs associated with production of makeup water.

Simplified Water Treatment

AST filters function as a mechanical and biological filter simultaneously. AST filters can be used to consolidate the treatment process, reduce footprint, and improve overall water clarity.

Easy Maintenance

An incredibly simple backflushing procedure makes maintaining our holding system filters simple and fast, with minimal downtime.

Let's Discuss Your Project

From a simple filter to a complete custom system, our engineers can help you find the perfect filtration system for your needs. Get in touch today!