Filtration Technology for Aquaponics Gardening and Fish Tank Systems

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MDC System Overview

Modified Decoupled Systems

Decoupled System Design

Modified Decoupled System Kits

MDC 2000 System

Small aquaculture system that functions as a ‘Nutrient Generator’ for aquaponics. Pair with hydroponics for a full system.

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MDC 4000 System

Larger aquaculture system that can be used as a stand alone fish culturing system, or for larger aquaponics systems.

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Featured Aquaponics Filters

AST Endurance™ Filter

Perfect for smaller, more compact systems and applications, these filters features automated backwash for easy maintenance.

AST FIT™ 8OO Display System

Need an easy-to-use system for showcasing your fish? This tank is a completely integrated 800 gallon filter-in-tank system with large viewing windows.

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