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Commercial Aquaponics Systems

We Design, Engineer, & Build Advanced Aquaponics Filter Systems for High-Yield Applications

AST offers a range of solutions for commercial aquaponics systems from turnkey tanks with integrated filtration to full-scale custom system design and engineering.

Working with our team you can get the perfect aquaponics solution designed and configured to your specific requirements.

Our bead filter technology allows your commercial operation to grow healthy, nutrient-rich crops and fish in a small footprint, using minimal water. AST filters provide predictable and safe water quality for your fish crop, while capturing and transforming the soluble and solid fish waste into biologically available nutrients for your plants.

Get a custom aquaponics system designed to your unique requirements.

Decoupled System Design

AST recommends a decoupled system design. Decoupling the system means that the fish and the plants are not in in a continual loop. Instead, nutrients are captured and concentrated for use in fertilizing your plants. Decoupled aquaponics systems take advantage of these benefits:

  • Highest efficiency configuration
  • Lowest water use
  • Less crop and animal risk
  • Compact design
  • Minimal plumbing
  • Predictable, consistent operation

Save Time, Water, & Energy with Bead Filters

AST’s patented PolyGeyser technology is engineered with auto-pneumatic backwash that reuses 100% of water, and requires no maintenance or cleaning, all while operating with no moving parts. Our systems are perfect for commercial applications that will benefit from less downtime and more consistent money-saving operation. Because of the small footprint of our filter systems, you can also fit more tanks and growing beds into your space.


Our team of aquaponics filtration experts are ready to help you plan and build your ideal system today.

Pictured is a large-scale aquaponics project utilizing two AST FIT 2800 models.

Let's Discuss Your Project

From a simple filter to a complete custom system, our engineers can help you find the perfect filtration system for your needs. Get in touch today!

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