Aggressive Solids Control & Biological Treatment

When your problem is mostly solids and your system demands pumping, the High Profile PolyGeyser Filter (HPPG) is the perfect choice. The HPPG is capable of handling high solids (TSS) and BOD loading without concerns of biofouling. This unit is a bioclarifier with an emphasis on clarification that provides granular filtration capturing 100% of solids greater than 50 microns.

The HPPG series is one of AST’s most popular models.

The small rotomolded units (3 and 6 cubic foot) are designed for low pressure or airlift operation and are ideal for low flow TSS removal applications or airlifted bioclarifier operation directed towards TSS, BOD, ammonia or BTEX removal. Larger commercial quality fiberglass units range from the slender 10 cubic foot to the 13 foot tall 100 cubic foot capable of single pass flows over 1000 gpm (1.4 mgd).

Frequent Backwashing and Sludge Storage

Designed as a single pass unit, the HPPG features deeper beds that usually operate with internal pressures up to 20 psi. With internal pressure losses below 5 psi, this unit has the capability to feed most downstream treatment components. Higher back pressures are avoided by high frequency washing that move solids to an internal sludge storage compartment while recycling the backwash waters.

This unit can be pneumatically backwashed as often as once an hour. Air feed rate from a small piston or diaphragm air compressor controls the backwash frequency and no electronics are required. A controller can be used with a mechanical valve for sludge removal.

The HPPG units also have an internal sludge storage chamber that concentrates the sludge prior to removal from the unit. This highly concentrated process significantly lowers the total water loss due to backwashing. HPPGs can be configured for pneumatic sludge discharge, but are normally cleared of sludge manually or by a controller.

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HPPG Filter Benefits

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