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High Profile PolyGeyser

Aggressive solids control and biological treatment

The High Profile PolyGeyser is capable of handling high solids concentrations (TSS) while still removing fine particulate. Simultaneously the unit function biological filter and can be configured for ammonia, soluble BOD and denitrification treatments.


  • Ensure Environmental Compliance
  • Eliminate Surcharges
  • Control nutrient concentrations
  • Fast ROI

How It Works

Treatment Operation

The high profile polygeyser contain a floating bead media that forms a packed bed at the top of the unit.  Water flows into the side of the unit, up through the packed bead bed and discharges from the top of the unit.  The packed bead bed captures suspended solids (TSS) as the water courses up through the unit.  Treated water discharges from the top of the unit.

While the units are excellent for solids capture, they also function as biological filters.  A thin film of bacteria grows on the surface of the media.  The bacteria consume dissolved organic contaminants while simultaneously removing solids.  This allows the units to reduce BOD and ammonia concentrations.  They can also be configured to lower nitrogen (TN) concentrations via biological denitrification.

Backflush and Sludge Storage

The High Profile PolyGeyser operates using a rapid automatic air-driven backflush. The backflush frequency is controlled by the rate air is inputted into an internal charge chamber. Backflush air is typically supplied by a small compressor. Actual backflush events occur in a matter of seconds and do not interrupt input flow to the unit.

After backflushing, captured solids settle to the bottom of the unit forming a concentrated sludge. Incoming water fills the unit back up seamlessly resuming normal operation without downtime.

Sludge Removal

Sludge accumulates in the bottom of the unit over multiple backflushes. Periodically, sludge is purged from the units by simply opening a ball valve at the bottom of the unit. This can be done while the unit is still in operation.

The Advantage of Air

The automatic, air-driven backflush makes these very versatile offering a slew of operational advantages and benefits. The speed at the which the backflush is complete allows the units to be backflushed as frequently as the application calls for with no added cost or labor to the operator. As a result, the units can easily be tuned to treat a wide range of TSS concentrations.

The air driven backwash concentrates captured solids minimizing the volume of waste produced. This means less effort and lower disposal costs in comparison to traditional treatment approaches.


  • Low pressure operation
  • Automatic operation
  • No moving parts/electronic controls
  • Minimal maintenance/oversite
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple integration

High Profile PolyGeyser Sizes

Competitive Advantage

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