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About AST Bead Filter Solutions

AST manufactures a wide range of filters utilizing Bead Filter technology which focuses on treatment simplification and consolidation of unit operations, combining both mechanical and biological filtration in a single unit. The resulting benefits of process consolidation include a smaller footprint, lower maintenance, and reduced capital / operational expenses. This unique approach combines what has commonly been used for biological and solids treatment in a consolidated package.


Founded in Spring 1995, Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC has over 25 years of continuous innovation in Bead Filter technologies. Bead Filter technology was first developed at Louisiana State University’s Civil and Environmental Aquatic Systems Laboratory by Dr. Ron Malone with 22 patents issued and currently in process.



AST grew to become one of the leading producers of Aquaculture water filters, while also expanding the scope of animal support systems to include zoo water features, biomedical research facilities, federal hatcheries, baitfish systems, and live seafood distribution.

Equipment includes AST’s unique range of Propeller Bead Filters and Bubble Bead Filters which remain popular as thousands are in use today.



AST launched the patented PolyGeyser line of filters and began focused efforts on Wastewater market solutions utilizing floating bead filters. AST was initially able to do this through many contributors within the Research and Development Division at LSU.



AST was purchased by and is operated as a subsidiary of Malone Industries LLC.   In 2017 Dr. Ron Malone joined AST.  Dr. Malone first developed bead filter technology at Louisiana State University’s Civil and Environmental Aquatic Systems Laboratory.


AST introduced the High Profile PolyGeyser line of filters developed for the Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural markets. These HPPG filters are designed to be scalable facilitating maximum flexibility.



AST introduces the Recirculating PolyGeyser range of filters for the Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural markets confronted by high organic and ammonia loadings. These RCPG filters are designed to be modular facilitating maximum flexibility.




AST’s HQ and Factory relocated to Baton Rouge LA in order to scale up production to satisfy increasing demand for the recently introduced family of HPPG and RCPG products. Malone Industries LLC financed this broad expansion in equipment and plant capacity.




AST introduces the Coagulation PhosphoGeyser and denitrification HPPG’s focused on controlling nutrients, metals, and turbidity in the horticulture/agricultural wastewater industries. These filters have expanded AST’s ability to provide complete effluent treatment.


AST has developed a growing team of experienced PE, Civil and Environmental Engineers, and System Designers working with Municipal, Industrial, and Agricultural customers to implement Wastewater Filter solutions. AST proudly serves a variety of Wastewater treatment markets and maintains a growing presence in the Aquaculture Systems market.

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