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Pilot Testing

On-Site Pilot Treatment Testing

Interested in bead filter technology for your wastewater application? Pilot testing is a straightforward way to verify that our treatment solutions are viable options for your unique situation.

There are two goals of a pilot test. The initial goal of a pilot study is to verify that our treatment solution is a viable option for the particular application being tested. Once this is confirmed the focus turns to determining the optimal sizing for your full scale treatment needs.

Pilot testing can be broken down into three phases: installation and start up, acclimation, and data collection. Standard pilot studies run anywhere from 2-12 months. The duration of the data collection phase is determined by the client.

If you are interested in discussing a pilot testing program for your wastewater application, please call 800.939.3659 (M-F, 8am – 6pm CT) or fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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