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AST is Leading U.S. Provider of Bead Filter Solutions for Wastewater Applications

Recirculating PolyGeyser®

Optimized for Biofiltration & Heavy Loads

The Recirculating PolyGeyser uses the same proven filtration technology as our traditional PolyGeyser, but has been optimized for biofiltration. The unit combines a built-in recirculation basin for improved treatment of domestic, industrial, and agricultural wastewaters for TSS, BOD and ammonia removal.


  • First choice for upgrading existing domestic wastewater facilities
  • Small on-site footprint with the recirculation tank built into the unit
  • Energy efficient recirculation and oxygen transfer with airlifts
  • Enhanced nitrification and organic (BOD) removal with multiple passes

High Profile PolyGeyser®

Aggressive Solids Control & Biological Treatment

When your problem is mostly solids and your system demands pumping, the High Profile PolyGeyser Filter (HPPG) is capable of handling high solids (TSS) and BOD loadings without the concern of biofouling. This is a bioclarifier with an emphasis on clarification that gives you a granular filter that passes a lot of water through a small package capturing most solids above 50 microns.


  • Superior solids capture in a small footprint
  • Inlets, outlets, and screens sized for high flow, low headloss
  • Automatic pneumatic backwashing for low maintenance
  • No moving parts or process control electronics for greater reliability

Coagulation Phosphogeyser

AST’s Coagulation Phosphogeyser (CPG) utilizes chemical coagulation and flocculation to remove phosphorous, dissolved metals, and turbidity from contaminated waste streams.

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