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Floating Bead Filters or Static Low Density Media Filters have been used for the past 25 years to replace clarifiers, sedimentation basins, and sand filters. Since the first filter was used to replace a sand filter in the aquaculture industry, our filters have been used in a number of industries to improve process operations, remove solids, improve wastewater quality, and reduce water loss all with low head loss and lower operating costs. The filters have been used as primary and secondary clarifiers, tertiary polishers for solids and nitrification, ground water remediation, municipal and industrial water reuse projects.

Our filters come in many standard sizes or our experienced engineers can help design the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Design Philosophy

  • Consolidate Unit Operations & Processes – combine biofiltration and clarification
  • Simplify – few/no moving parts
  • Stabilize – minimization of the probability of failure
  • Economize – the above strengths lead to low startup and O&M costs

Consolidate Wastewater Processes

Bead filters can be used as bioclarifiers in wastewater treatment to replace biological treatment as well as secondary and tertiary clarifiers.

By consolidating operations within traditional treatment trains, bead filters achieve superior solids capture, plus biofiltration in a smaller footprint.

Remove More Solids, Faster

All of our filters have a higher flux rate at 28,000 GPD/ft² compared to traditional clarifiers or sedimentation basins that have a flux rate of around 800 – 1,200 GPD/ft². This flux rate allows our filters to have a much smaller footprint and thus fit into more applications or retrofit into your process for improved performance.

The filters also have far superior solids capture ability with nearly 100% of particles 50 microns or larger removed and can remove 30% of particles in the 5-10 micron range. The efficiency of our solids captured combined with our small footprint allows our filters to be compatible with many applications from secondary and tertiary treatment, to removing particulates from process water, prior to membrane filters to reduce filter operation and maintenance costs.

Biological Filtration: Easily Degradable to Refractory Organics

Our units also function effectively as a fixed film bioreactor. With proven results greater than 3 Kg of BOD/m3 of biomedia, our filters are powerful units that can handle a large variety of wastewater applications and are resistant to biofouling. Pneumatic backwashing frequencies can be adjusted to prevent biofouling across a wide variety of mean cell resident times, thus, the unit can be use to attack readily digestible to refractory organics across a wide variety of industrial, agricultural, and domestic applications.

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Pilot RCPG System for Facultative Lagoon Polishing

In order to meet increasingly strict discharge standards, AST provided a trailer mounted pilot scale test unit to pull a side stream off of the current waste stream.

Let's Discuss Your Project

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