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Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

For Industrial applications, our patented bead filter technology will provide you with a means to treat, maintain, and improve your wastewater stream. Our technology is not limited to any single industry. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to any wastewater project.


  • Reduce lagoon dredging frequency
  • Lower green house gas emissions
  • Nutrient control
  • Reduce water usage

Manure Lagoon Treatment

AST’s HPPG and RCPG line of filters offer supplementary filtration capacity which can be applied to existing livestock manure lagoon treatment systems to reduce the nutrient loading and organic loading into and/or out of the lagoon to meet water discharge requirements for irrigation or discharge. AST Filters offers treatment solutions for both pretreatment and posttreatment of lagoon systems to extend the working life of existing systems and/or reduce nutrient and organic loading of the system while also working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The HPPG line of filters can be applied before the lagoon where it decreases the solids and nutrient loading into the lagoon through mechanical filtration. This application lowers the loading into an existing lagoon system providing a decrease in nitrogen, phosphorous, and greenhouse gas emissions in and from the lagoon. Removal of a proportion of solid waste prior to the lagoon will also reduce the frequency of dredging needed extending the working life of system.

The HPPG and RCPG line of filters can be applied to the effluent of the lagoon to biologically and mechanically treat final discharge of the lagoon system to meet strict discharge limits or irrigation requirements. The HPPG line of filters can also be used for denitrification and aid in the removal of nitrates to reduce nitrogen discharge of the system.

Livestock Processing

AST offers mechanical and biological filter solutions for livestock processing plants including mechanical filtration of rendering/scalding systems to clarify the system and extend the working life of the fluids. AST’s filtration systems can also provide biological treatment to any discharge waste streams to keep the operation in compliance and avoid shutdowns or fines/surcharges.

The HPPG line of filters are well suited to recirculate on the rendering/scalding tanks to keep them free of debris and extend the usable lifespan of the fluid reducing downtime, operational costs, and maintenance.

The RCPG line of filters can be implemented as a biological and mechanical treatment system to filter any discharges from the facility in order to keep the process in environmental compliance to avoid potential shutdowns or fines/surcharges.


  • Eliminate surcharges
  • Ensure compliance with discharge permits
  • Lower waste disposal costs

Aquaculture Systems

AST offers complete treatment for aquaculture systems of any size. For 30+ years AST has been one of the leaders in the aquaculture industry. AST’s bead filter technology was the first complete treatment solution for large scale aquaculture systems the had the ability to both completely mechanically and biologically filter systems with a single filtration unit.


  • Simple low maintenance treatment
  • Minimize waste production
  • Save water
  • Lower energy use

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Horticulture/Hydroponic Treatment

AST offers treatment solutions to biologically and mechanically treat runoff/leachate from hydroponic and horticulture systems to meet strict discharge standards. AST’s Coagulation PolyGeyser (CPG) and High Profile PolyGeyser (HPPG) provide treatment solutions for nutrient control (Phosphorous and Nitrate) and TSS filtration which are quickly becoming highly regulated contaminates for both direct and municipal discharged systems.

The CPG system utilizes chemical coagulation to precipitate phosphorous out of contaminated waste streams while simultaneously settling and filtering both TSS and the precipitated phosphorous out of solution to meet strict phosphorous discharge standards.

The HPPG filter provides a mechanical filtration system for TSS control while simultaneously providing an anoxic biological filter which is perfect for nitrate removal through the denitrification process to meet tight total nitrogen limits.


  • Meet strict discharge permits
  • Ensure environmental compliance
  • Reduce water usage
  • Enhance environmental sustainability

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