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Wastewater Filter Applications:

Wastewater TSS Removal

A number of AST filters are perfect for TSS removal applications. Our filters can be added to existing systems or easily configured for your specific use case.

Wastewater BOD / COD Removal

COD is composed of readily biodegradable BOD and refractory organics that resist bacterial attack. With a floating bead media filter, COD reduction is accomplished through the extraction of organic particulate matter (TSS removal) and bacterial oxidation of biodegradable dissolved organics (BOD removal). AST’s bead filters can carry out aerobic BOD removal through the filter’s biological activity or direct removal of particulate organics.

Wastewater Nitrification Filter Systems

AST’s bead filter technology utilizes a packed bed of our EN Media which acts as a fixed film reactor with a high specific surface area to completely nitrify wastewaters and meet tight ammonia limits, even in high organic waste streams. AST’s nitrifying filters utilize internal airlifts to provide multiple passes through the system while also keeping the filter completely aerobic to provide high nitrification rates.

Denitrification in Wastewater Treatment

AST’s bead filters utilize the same fixed film mechanics to both nitrify and de-nitrify waste streams for Total Nitrogen control. The High Profile PolyGeyser (HPPG) couples with AST’s unique EN Media has a high specific surface area and can be operated anoxically with carbon addition to de-nitrify effluent streams to meet low TN standards.