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Municipal Applications

In Municipal applications, our patented bead filter technology will provide you with a means to treat, maintain, and improve your wastewater stream.

  • Meet strict discharge limits
  • Increased flow capacity
  • Ensure compliance


Lagoon management is an important aspect of rural municipal treatment. As effluent standards become tighter and more stringent, traditional lagoon treatment strategies struggle to keep the system in compliance. AST’s lagoon polishing technology allows for rural municipalities to remain in compliance by treating BOD, TSS, and Ammonia effluents down to the most stringent of levels.


Broken and worn-down clarifiers are a consistent issue for municipalities. AST can provide a seamlessly integrated solution at a fraction of the cost our competitors all while maintaining treatment capacity. Call AST Filters today and schedule a time for a no-cost engineering consultation and see how AST can help replace your clarifier.


Control total nitrogren, phosphorus, and ammonia using our AST product line. The High Profile PolyGeyser (HPPG) is designed to treat total nitrogen. Our Recuriculating PolyGeyser (RCPG) is designed to treat ammonia. The newest addition to the AST product line is the Phosphogeyser (PPG), constructed specifically for phosphorus reduction. Call AST Filters today and schedule a time for a no cost engineering consultation and see how AST can help with nutrient control and ammonia removal.

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