Airlifted Recirculation for Greater Energy Savings

These units take energy conservation to a new extreme.

The Low Profile PolyGeyser (LLPG series) is a specialized unit designed for airlifted recirculation on a concrete slab next to a standard tank less than 4 feet tall or buried to facilitate gravity treatment. Standing typically less than 5 feet tall the unit features a shallow bead bed (less than 12”) which displays a minor headloss (<9” or 1/3 psi) across the unit. Always airlifted or simply gravity fed, these units are designed for bioclarification for agricultural applications or small scale domestic or industrial applications.

The LPPG line currently features only two sizes, the 10 and 17 cubic foot units – usually linked with short (4-5 foot) tanks in the 1,000-5,000 gallon range. Water is recirculated from the tank to the unit via airlifts that assure that the system remains aerobic. Typically used for BOD, TSS, heavy metals, or ammonia control, these units display moderate washing energy and are best suited for moderate loading to polishing applications.

LPPG filters are equipped with pneumatic sludge discharge that can move the sludge to an internal sludge storage compartment, a low external tank, or dump the sludge.

Made from Fiberglass and Built to Last

The LPPG is made out of fiberglass for long lasting, durable filtration. Manufactured and assembled in the US, these units are thoroughly tested at the AST lab before being shipped to ensure maximum reliability and quality.

LPPG Filter Benefits

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