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Case Study: Tertiary Filtration, Covington, Louisiana

The Problem:

This packaged treatment plant could not provide treatment to meet tight discharge standards. The technology used in traditional sand filters had not addressed the need for ammonia reduction or soluble BOD.

The Solution:

AST implemented a 100 fl3 HPPG with recirculating basin to treat the effluent of this plant. This allowed for this packaged treatment plant to meet the strict discharge standards for BOD, TSS, and ammonia.

The Results:

The addition of the PolyGeyser kept the plant in compliance and also lowered the overall operational costs due to the hands-off and energy-efficient nature of these units.


System Benefits:
• High Efficiency
• Low O&M
• Automated Non Mechanical Backwash
• Simultaneous Mechanical and Biological Filtration

System Applications:
• Municipal and Industrial Wastewater
• High Strength Wastewater
• Pristine Polishing


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