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Case Study: Poultry Processing Facility, Gainesville, Georgia

The Problem:

A poultry processing facility in the Southeast was discharging wastewater that exceeded violation limits for TKN and BOD. The municipality receiving their wastewater gave them two options. Either get their wastewater below violation limits or throttle back production.

The Solution:

The company commissioned an AST pilot study using two 10 ft3 Recirculating Poly Geysers (RCPG-10) operated in series to reduce TKN and BOD concentrations of wastewater discharging from the facility below violation limits.

The Results:

The AST treatment system averaged 90% reduction in BOD and 76% reduction in TKN. The study proved the technology was not only capable of bringing the facility back in compliance but, on average, reduce the concentrations below surcharge limits. The poultry processing facility won municipal approval for the technology.


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