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Case Study: Denitrification

The Problem:

Municipal and industrial facilities face stricter nutrient requirements. As a result, facilities require not only traditional treatment of BOD, TSS, and ammonia, but also control of nitrates/TN.

The Solution:

AST recommended the implementation of the High Profile PolyGeyser® (HPPG) model line of filters to increase the denitrification rates.

The Results:

Denitrification rates increased. These rates were attributed to the high surface area of the media. Coupled with the automatic backwash capabilities of the filters, the HPPG units allowed for hands-off treatment.


System Benefits:
• High Efficiency
• Low O&M
• Automated Non Mechanical Backwash
• Simultaneous Mechanical and Biological Filtration

System Applications:
• Municipal and Industrial Wastewater
• High Strength Wastewater
• Pristine Polishing


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