Perfect for High Load, High Flow Applications

The Propeller Bead filter has been the standard for commercial applications for over 25 years.

Designed for high flow and highly loaded systems, these filters are easy to clean, easily automated, and compact.

This filter has the most aggressive backwash of any of AST’s filters. The motorized embedded propellers rotate at 1750 rpm to vigorously scrub the bead bed to remove the solids that were captured and any aging biofloc that accumulates on the beads during normal operation. After backwashing, the sludge is allowed to settle prior to discharging from the unit. The settling time allows for the solids to concentrate in the unit and reduce water loss associated with solids removal. With Propeller Bead filters, you will only lose 10% of the water that you would normally lose with sand filters.

Powerful Backwash for Greater Solids Capture

Although used as bioclarifiers, Propeller Bead filters are most widely employed as solids filtration devices with standard media removing TSS across a wide range of concentrations. The powerful backwashing mechanism allows for extended backwash intervals associated with improved fine solids capture. The Propeller Bead filter’s biological performance is significantly improved with the use of EN media that protects biofilm during backwashing.

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Propeller Bead Filter Benefits

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