Plug and Play System with Tank and Built-in Filter

Do you need redundancy?

Air systems are vital to keeping fish alive when an emergency strikes. Since you only need air to operate our FIT Systems, you can just purchase an extra air blower or two. We also recommend battery or generator backups for power outages.

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Integrated Filtration System

Our FIT Systems will keep your fish healthy.

These tanks have large windows that showcase your fish, while the integrated filtration system breaks down harmful fish waste. Using airlift technology, these tanks don’t require a water pump for filtration and/or circulation. The air pumps configured in our systems provide energy savings of up to 60% compared to typical water pumps.

Filter Specifications

Length (ft)Width (ft)Tank
Volume (gallons)
Bead Volume (ft3)Peak Feed Rate (lbs/day)
Peak Feed Rate (lbs/day)
Approx. Pounds of Fish Supported* (lbs)
Approx. Pounds of Fish Supported* (lbs)

Table based on TAN levels below 1.5 and 0.5 for growout and fingerling production respectively
*Based upon a 1% and 3% daily feed rate for growout and fingerling production respectively

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